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I am Amy Wyatt, 45 year old, and my life has been taken over by long hauler. I live daily at it’s mercy with everything I do. I was the active person but now I have to rest to be able to shower. I am not able to work, I have missed family events, missed out on camping with family and friends and the list goes on. Long hauler has affected my brain and kidneys but more recently my heart and lungs. It has caused severe fatigue that is indescribable, there are times I cannot get up my body is too weak. If I have a doctor appointment I have someone take me because after the ride there, walking into the appointment I am exhausted plus I need help with the comprehension. Brain fog is so hard. I have short term memory loss, struggle following tv shows, struggle figuring out pictures and losing the topic of conversation while talking. I get light headed a lot, dizzy, balance issues and the list goes on and on. Around the end of September I developed cardiac and respiratory issues. Not sure why this is happening months after the start of this illness and I am afraid there will be more things come up. My lungs function as if I have emphysema and I am not a smoker. Adding this to the severe fatigue makes daily functions very hard. I have spells where my heart beats out of chest but when this happens my blood pressure is very low. I am so scared of missing out on being a grandparent. I want my life back!

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