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My name is Ben Donley and I’m a married 50-year old marketing specialist, published author, and life/wellness coach. I have had Long Haul Covid since August of 2021 and it has completely disabled me physically and devastated me psychologically. Long Covid has given me severe Chronic Fatigue with brain fog and muscle/joint pain, which keeps me in bed all day, most days. I can hardly work at all, but since I have to work to survive, I work in one to two hour segments from my couch and then pay later for the effort health wise. I’ve tried almost everything the FLCCC has recommended to no avail, I need help, and I’m out of funds. There is a Long Haul Specialist I would love to see (Dr. Kory – sp?) who I think could help me come back to life. I also want to possibly try peptides and give HBOT a real chance. I remain thankful amidst this affliction and cannot wait to see if this amazing community can help me climb out of what feels like a death sentence. Thanks.

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