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Johnson City,
Hi, my name is Kelly, I am from Tennessee. I’m 38 years old I have been suffering from long haul COVID for the past 17 months. Since then I have been unable to work as a PA or take care of my 3 year daughter alone. Prior to my illness I worked the ER for 14 years taking care of patients including COVID patients. On New years eve 2021 I was at work when I began having severe brain fog and severe headache. I tested positive for covid-19 that day. I thought since I was young and healthy this would be a 10 day illness and I would be right back to work. But little did I know that the brain fog, severe headache, would turn into long haul covid and give me up to 30 symptoms with in a month. Had severe chest pain, palpations, felt like my brain was on fire for months. I couldn’t walk through the house with out holding on too walls. I couldn’t read directions to cook anything for my daughter. It felt like I had dementia.This resulted in me being in bed for about a year pretty much around the clock. I had to have family move in with us. I lost my job as a PA. I am still dealing with post external fatigue, headaches, brain fog and chest pain into my arms causing weakness. But I have been working so hard on getting better and have had improvements but still struggling. I was recently told about some new treatments available to me, but the cost is a factor given I am unable to work. I was so happy to hear about Fish and how they maybe able to help raise money for these treatments.

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