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I am a 51-year old wife and mom of two kids (ages 15 and 12) from Pasco, WA. I contracted covid in early December 2021. I ended up in the hospital after 8 days when my oxygen saturation dropped into the 70s. I never had difficulty doing the physical work of breathing, only in keeping my oxygen saturation up. All told, I spent 2 months in the hospital, and 5 weeks on a ventilator due to covid pneumonia, ARDS, and sepsis. By the grace of God Almighty, I survived. When I awoke, I could not speak due to a tracheostomy, and had become so deconditioned that I could not even sit up on my own. I had to relearn how to do everything, and was on oxygen around the clock. When I came home, my family had to help me with everything. In the last 1.5 years, I’ve regained much strength and my oxygen requirements have fallen. I do have fibrosis in my lungs and still require oxygen with exertion. Without it, my saturation drops into the low 80s unless I move very slowly and take frequent breaks. Even with oxygen, I can’t walk and talk at the same time. There is an ethically-sourced exosome-stem cell treatment that could help me, but this is not something my family can afford. I was very excited to learn about the Fish Out of Water organization to help people like me. I am so thankful for your prayers and anything you might be able to contribute. Thank you, and God bless you.

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