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My name is Nikki Holland I am 39, from TN. I am a Mom of 3, Physical Therapist but since Feb. 2021 after my 2nd Moderna Covid vaccine I am now disabled with multiple medical problems resulting from vaccine complications and Long Haul Post Vaccine Syndrome. Just to name a few problems I now battle with include: respiratory failure, laryngospasms, blood clots, gastroparesis, neurogenic bladder, severe chronic aquired demylenating polyradiculoneuropthy aka CIDP, and POTS. I went from running 5ks, working full time as a PT to now having to rely on a wheelchair, supplement oxygen, tracheostomy, feeding tube, and implanted bladder stimulator, just to be able to function daily and preform simple tasks. I am over 2years out since all these medical problems stated. I still find myself in and out of hospitals and requiring the help of many doctors and specialists to manage and treat all the medical problems and diagnoses that have occurred since my vaccine. I refuse to give up! Unfortunately alot of treatment regimens are not covered by insurance and can cost thousands of dollars. This has been a big a huge barrier to access treatment that might help and improve my quality of life. For that reason I started a campaign with FOOW to assist in raising money through donations for medical treatment and bills. Quality of life should not be at the expense of how big your pocket book is and because of that I must seek help through others to conduct this battle! Thank you for your support!

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