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My name is Tammy Gravis and I’m from North Carolina. I’ve worked on my health my entire life. I did everything right but get the vaccine. I was in perfect health totally independent and earned 50k a year as a writer from my home. It took me 20 years to get to that earning point. I was coerced into getting the vaccine by the fear and pressure surrounding me. I thought I was protecting myself and my family. Never in a millions years would I have dreamed the living hell I’d see. It took me ten weeks to get sick and I woke up one morning and couldn’t hardly walk. It felt like a truck had hit me and I thought I had a stroke. I started belching and couldn’t stop. I’d belch 500 times a day. I was in constant pain with my head, stomach and entire body. I thought I would die each and every day, I went from doctor to doctor with no help. I’ve tests after tests and ten doctors and at one point I gave up waiting to die.. I did not die and the pain was excruciating day after day. I thought no body can withstand so much pain, suffering and sickness. I was wrong I woke up every day to this living hell. NO one could help, I’ve lost at least 70k to medical bills, lost wages, medications and supplements. I’ve lost my career, ½ of my retirement, my health, my independence my life because of doing what I thought was protecting myself. I have no family and would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you Fish Out of Water for starting this organization and God bless us all.

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