Ep 01 – From Suffocation to Salvation: Tim’s Triumph Over Long COVID and the Birth of Fish Out of Water

Welcome aboard the inaugural episode of the Fish Out Of Water podcast. Where currents of hope flow through even the most turbulent waters. Our maiden journey sets sail with an extraordinary narrative – our founder and CEO’s own story of Long COVID – that is as personal as it is universal.

Navigate Long COVID With FOW

Dive into the deep with Tim Husereau, a captain who navigated the tempest of Long COVID—a voyage that tested his resolve, his health, and his spirit. With vulnerability and courage – and his co-captain (Rick Reed, President of Fish Out Of Water, a non-profit organization) – he shares a tale that mirrors an odyssey. Not just his own journey, but also a glimpse into the struggles faced by someone near and dear to his heart—his daughter.

But amidst the storm, there’s a beacon of light. Listen to the chronicles of how he emerged from the clutches of this relentless affliction. How he found new purpose in the lifeboat he has built for others. This is not just a story about survival. It’s a testament to resilience, to community, and to the transformative power of shared experience.

Join Us On A Journey Of Hope

So set your compass to hope as we chart a course that leads from despair to renewal. By joining forces with our FOW organization, you become part of a crew. A crew dedicated to not just staying afloat but sailing towards better horizons.

Don’t miss this heart-stirring debut! It will leave you anchored in optimism and ready to catch the winds of change. Because at Fish Out Of Water, we believe in navigating together. Moving towards a future where no one has to weather the storm alone.

Together, let’s discover, connect, transform pain into resilience. Let’s send ripples of hope across these vast waters. Ready to take the plunge? Let’s make waves together. Donate now!

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