Ep 02 – A Whisper to A Roar: Delaine Dale’s Fight and Victory Over Long-COVID

As we continue our Long COVID journey on the Fish Out Of Water podcast, we’re casting our nets into a narrative that’s as moving as the sea itself. This episode immerses you in the incredible story of Delaine, our first donor-sponsored client, whose experience is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience.

Navigate Long COVID With FOW

Ride the waves with Delaine as she recounts her struggle with Long-COVID, a storm that left her gasping for breath. But here’s where her story takes a turn for the beautiful – a transformation as awe-inspiring as witnessing a sunrise after a stormy night.

Join Us On A Journey Of Hope

Just when you think you’re prepared for the rollercoaster of emotions this story will bring, there’s more. Hear about Delaine’s unbelievable journey from breathlessness to respiratory strength, making you believe in the miraculous power of hope and determination.

But remember, every great story has its unsung heroes. In this episode, we pay homage to those unseen currents – the donors and supporters of FOW who enabled Delaine’s transformation. It’s they who remind us that every ripple we create together can lead to a wave of change.

Embark on this emotional voyage that leaves you teary-eyed yet filled with renewed hope. You’ll feel empowered and inspired to become part of this tidal wave of change. Supporting FOW, standing shoulder to shoulder with those affected by Long-COVID and vaccine injuries. Donate now!

🌊 Set sail with us now on this moving journey. Because when we row in unison, we can conquer even the most powerful tides. #FOWPodcast #DelainesVoyage #RisingHope

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