How it Works

We’re on a mission to help long haulers and vaccine injured as much as we can and we want to be as transparent as possible in the process. Learn how it works and what you can expect as a candidate in our program.

#1 Apply To Be A Candidate

Submit a simple application by uploading a video of your story (prompts and guides included), an image of yourself, and some brief your information.

#2 Get Approved

Our team will review your case to make sure you are a good fit. Once approved, we’ll be in touch with your campaign link that you may share with family, friends, social media, etc so people can start donating towards your health.

#3 Get Funded

Watch your campaign grow as your community steps in and gives toward your health journey.

#4 Get Connected

We’ll connect you with an approved healthcare provider from within our network of physicians to start discussing treatments.

#5 Get Treated

Once you’ve established care, and have received treatments for your specific situation, funds will be moved directly to the physician out of your fund.

#6 Spread the Word

Share your story with others in your community and social circles. If you’ve found hope and healing from being connected to FOW, chances are there are others that you know that could benefit as well. Help us spread the hope as far and wide as possible!

You don’t have to face this alone.

We will find you the help you need so you are not alone in this fight.

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