Record your Story Video

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to record your story video, what you should discuss, how to download it, and submit it with your application. 

#1: Plan what you want to say.

Telling your story and your struggles with Long Covid will help your campaign be successful. Write out what you would like to say before you hit record so that you can communicate effectively and efficiently.

⚡ Please no videos over 2min long

1: Start by telling us briefly about who you are and where you are from.

2: Tell us about when you contracted Covid and how it affected you. 

3: Describe your experience of living with Long Haulers and how it has affected your daily life. Bring us in on the emotions you’ve felt in this journey. 

4: Wrap it up with how you felt learning about Fish Out Of Water and why you want to be enrolled as a candidate. Thank your future donors for getting involved and helping you in your health journey.

#2: Record Your Video

Click below or head back to the apply page and click the “Record your Video” button. 

This will send you to a website called, where you can easily record your story video and download a websafe format within a few clicks, for FREE.

How to use Speakflow's free webcam recorder

#1: Enable your camera + mic

Once you land on the site, you’ll be prompted to enable the use of your camera and microphone.

Depending on what device or browser you are using, this might look different. Just ensure you are you allow. 

No need to sign up or anything.

#2: Hit Record

Get all set and situated. When you are ready, hit the “Start Recording” button. This will start a 3-second countdown timer. Once the timer finishes, you are recording! 

#3: Tell your Story

Please keep your video under 2 min! Once you’ve delivered your story, simply hit stop and the recording will stop. 

#4: Review & Download

Once you hit stop, you will be prompted to review and download. (Some browsers may automatically start the download prompt)

If you are unhappy with your video, simply refresh the page and start over. 

When saving, select a location that will be easy to find later, and rename your video to “yourname-yourcity”. 

eg: If your name is John Smith and you are from Chicago, name your video, “johnsmith-chicago”

#5: Submit your application at FOW

Once your video is downloaded, head back to and start your application. When prompted to upload your video, select your .webm file and you’re all set!

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